Prostate Ultrasound & “Biopsy”

Prostate Ultrasound & “Biopsy”


We perform these procedures to evaluate abnormal results from a digital rectal exam or an elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test. During the procedure we perform a prostate ultrasound with a special probe about the size of an index finger that is inserted into the rectum, this takes measurements and images of the prostate. Once imaging and sizing are complete, we numb the prostate using lidocaine. The provider then uses a small needle to take samples of several areas of the prostate which we then send to the lab for analysis. The result of this test helps us diagnose diseases of the prostate.


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What our patients say

Procedure went well. Staff was very friendly and concerned with any pain levels and care going forward. Doctor was very professional and described everything in detail before it happened.


Entire staff friendly and professional. Dr. Modder was patient and explained every step of the procedure. Results were explained. All my questions were answered. I felt comfortable that I was putting my health in good hands.


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